Imperial Era

Shortly after the founding of the Celadian Empire, the newly-crowned emperor promulgated the Celadian calendar. Dates in this section are given according to this reckoning.

Year Events
1 Union of Celadia and Orodia, forming the Celadian Empire.
c. 40 First invasions of Sciaras by the Shadow King, marking the beginning of the Shadow War.
48 Amaril conquered for the first time. The majority of its ships and shipwrights escape and are taken in by the Celadian Empire.
71 The Battle Off Aventilia; the Shadow King’s fleet is destroyed. Amaril recaptured.
74 The Shadow King’s forces are driven out of Rhovia and Etrasas. Eastern Sciaras has relative peace for a long time.
102 Fresh assaults on Celadia and its allies begin.
114 Varland and Taltha fall to the Shadow King.
132 All lands west of the Menara conquered. Reprisals in Amaril: forests levelled and shipwrights gathered up and executed.
135 League of Medane formed.
135–7 The League drives the enemy out of the north.
137 The League joins the Empire. Taltha freed.
159 Calanth invaded. Battle in Hestan.
160 Sack of Enistels.
162 The Miracle of Stone: a landslide in Hestan crushes an army menacing South Celadia.
190 Amaril recaptured for the second time. The Celadian Empire reaches its greatest extent, from Moraby in the south-east to Arpenthe in the west and Diunda in the north.
337 The Darkened Sun. For seven months, the sun is blotted from the sky. Cold and hunger take a devastating toll.
338 Dawning Day. The Shadow King is destroyed and the sun shines again. The Celadian calendar is adjusted to make this the first day of the new year; the year 337 is thus about three months shorter than normal.
c. 350 While a number of small states in the Empire had peaceably reclaimed their sovereignty in the years after Dawning Day, the first armed conflicts between secessionists and loyalists start at about this time.
376 Empress Talecia takes the throne. Pirion secedes from the Empire.
397 Open fighting within the borders of Celadia proper. This is the default period for adventures in Dawning Day.