There are three major religions in the world of Dawning Day. While the same gods are more or less universally acknowledged, the lore, doctrines and practices of their worshippers vary widely from place to place. The following information specifically documents the forms of worship found in the Celadian Empire, and in the many lands within the Celadian sphere of influence. In particular, the names here given are those used in the Common (Celadian) tongue; other names, some similar and some radically different, are used in other tongues.

The Taleron

Taleron is the Celadian name given to the pantheon of the higher and lower planes; it is also (perhaps more properly) the name given to the twelve greater gods of that pantheon (as accounted by Imperial theology, at any rate): Asara and Talera, Micara and Eknys, Darom and Ferugh, Katris and Mairene, Abar and Irari, Hothos and Veidras. The myriad lesser gods of the Taleron are held to be attendant deities to the greater gods.

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The Triad

The Triad are the nature deities of the world: Harvester, Huntress and Hound. Triad worship also encompasses the reverence of countless nature spirits that inhabit specific woods, rivers and other areas.

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The Lord of Light

The Lord of Light is the God Above Gods, according to his worshippers. They hold him to be the one true god, lord and master over all else that is. Followers of the Light typically refer to themselves as Lightbringers.

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